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dental implant : scalloped implant

key words : dental implant - scalloped implant - hard and soft tissue - biological width    
Aesthetic outcome based on biological principles: The scalloped implant- Peter Wohrle (USA)    
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Dental implant : scalloped implant

scalloped implant scalloped implant
1 - scalloped implant: BiorootNeck Pencil...
2 - Comparison of a standard implant and a scalloped implant...
scalloped implant scalloped implant
3 - Seated implants/lateral view...
4 - Final implant position...
scalloped implant scalloped implant
5 - Xray: xray of scalloped implant
Aesthetic outcome based on biological principles: The scalloped implant

The ultimate goal of restoring patients is to provide them with restorations that mimic the natural dentition. The interrelationship between hard- and soft tissue on aesthetic outcome has been demonstrated. Emphasis will be placed on the influence of implant placement on subsequent hard- and soft tissue remodeling to establish biologic width around the implant, and on the newly developed scalloped implant that allows for the maintenance of interproximal bone and thus the soft tissue contours.

Course Objectives:
After attending the course, attendees should have a thorough understanding of:
1. Development of biologic width around an implant.
2. Surgical implant placement and its influence on future osseous contours.
3. Osseous levels directly influencing tissue levels and thus aesthetic outcome (quality of survival)

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