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Kodak EasyShare DX4900 zoom digital dental camera

Simple to use - Simple to share - Beautiful picture quality
This new print-optimized digital camera from Kodak makes it remarkably simple and affordable to take highquality dental images - so simple in fact, it’s easy to get a little carried
away. Configured specifically for dental applications, the 4.0 megapixel KODAK DX4900 Dental Digital Camera is the ideal way to enhance your practice. No headaches, hassles, or high cost - just an easy way to create your next work of art.

N O W   I T’S   E A S Y   T O   M A K E   E V E R Y   I M A G E
A   M A S T E R P I E C E



   EasyShare DX4900 zoom digital camera
Digital photography offers tremendous benefits to dentistry: immediate viewing of images, easy e-mailing for referrals, printouts for use in case consultations, and more. However, the complexity, expense, and steep learning curve of most digital cameras have prevented many practices from adopting this valuable tool.
* * * Winner of the Prestigious DIMAAward at the 2002 Photo Marketing Association Show * * *

The Capabilities You Need
Now, Kodak introduces the solution you’ve been waiting for: the KODAK DX4900 Dental Digital Camera. With 4.0 megapixel resolution, you’ll get images so clear and sharp you can print them out at 50 x 76 cm. It also offers a 6x zoom capability, and comes with a 32mb memory card. Plus, all variable camera settings are pre-set for optimal performance in dental photography.

Simplicity Made Easy
In short, this camera is a pleasure to use. Breeze through its brief manual, and you’ll literally be taking highquality
images in minutes. It’s just that simple.


Order your KODAK DX4900 Dental Digital Camera from your authorized supplier of KODAK Dental Products today.    
KODAK DX4900 Dental Digital Camera CAT No: 145 5294
Take advantage of all the rich detail that digital capture can offer - use KODAK DMI Inkjet Paper for high-quality dental image outputs.
To order, call your authorized supplier of KODAK Dental Products.
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