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Introducing the first and only dental film with a welcome innovation: a specially designed
cushioned edge for optimal comfort. It puts a soft, protective cushion between the edges of the film and your patients’ gums. So now you can offer your patients the reduced radiation levels and enhanced safety of KODAK INSIGHT dental film plus a new level of comfort that’s bound to make them smile!




   KODAK INSIGHT Dental Film in SURESOFT Packets

Need a way to improve the comfort of your patients during their x-ray exams ?


KODAK SURESOFT packets are the solution.


Soft, round cushioned edge covers the perimeter of the dental x-ray film packet
Significantly reduces potential discomfort during x-ray exams, so patients feel more at ease
Requires no special handling or preparation
One-of-a-kind feature for intraoral film


Plus, a combination of benefits only KODAK INSIGHT film delivers.

Fast exposure time*: KODAK INSIGHT dental film is a true F-speed film with the fastest xposure time of any dental film on the market today
Up to 60% less radiation exposure: Count on enhanced safety for both patients and office personnel

Superb image quality: Patented T-Grain® emulsion
technology delivers images with exceptional sharpness
and clarity.


Conversion is simple: From D-Speed films, such as Ultra-speed, dial down exposure time by 60%; from E-Speed films, such as Ektaspeed Plus, dial down by 20%. If you currently have an amber safelight filter in your darkroom, change it to a GBX-2 ruby red safelight filter



Get KODAK INSIGHT Dental Film in SURESOFT Packets, and more, all from one convenient source. Contact your authorized supplier of Kodak dental products to order today.
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* When compared with other films in studies using similar processing conditions. © Eastman Kodak Company, 2002. Kodak, T-Grain, Ultra-speed,
Ektaspeed Plus, INSIGHT, SURESOFT, and Super Poly-Soft are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company. D5-21 CAT No. 173 1488 DoldeMedien 0181/02 UK
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