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composite restoration : anterior composite restoration

Key words : dental composite : optical reactions, light and transparency ; composite restorations    
Parameters for successful anterior composite restoration - Pascal Zyman (France)    
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Composite restoration

composite restoration composite restoration  
Composite restoration: significant angle fracture on 11 - Building up of the lingual wall made easier by use of the silicone index
composite restoration    
Composite restoration: Post-op result
Parameters for successful anterior composite restoration

Today's clinical parameters of success with composite restoration in the anterior aspect are well-established. A silicone index is often used in order to control the form of teeth and helps in the building of the lingual wall as well as with the localization of the incisal edge.

In order to simplify shade determination, manufacturers have developed specific shade guides that give a recipe for the colors to be used. But we still have to play with the material's light and transparency to adjust surface brightness.
Thus, and for a better understanding of the optical reactions of the composite build-up, a colorimetric study gives very interesting answers on the existing differences in between most recent composite systems.

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